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Welcome to Dustin W Design’s blog

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009
These days it seems like everyone’s a blogger (just as anyone with a laptop at a coffee shop is a screenwriter).  We’ve seen some fascinating blogs and some boring ones. We hope this DWD blog will be the former: fun, informing, entertaining and punchy. Please let us know how we are doing!
Dustin W Design (DWD) is a creative agency with offices in Los Angeles and New Orleans. DWD provides interactive, audio/visual, motion graphics, and animation services. We create immersive online and offline experiences for entertainment properties and brands through compelling storytelling and clean, sophisticated design. DWD’s mission is to elevate “conscious design,” with a strong sense of social responsibility and community. 


-   Concepting & Strategy

-  Integrated campaigns

-  Web design & development (HTML, Flash, WordPress, light CMS)
-   Animation
-   Motion graphics
-   Viral content and applications
-  Original video content
-   Rich media banners