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Food trucks are the rage

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

You’ve heard us rave about the Koji Korean BBQ truck, maybe you’ve even waited an hour to try it (OK we only waited 40 minutes but still…) or follow them on Twitter. the city is filling up with excellent meals on wheels to please a variety of foodie palates and they have discovered Twitter is an excellent tool to increase followers… and business.

Koji tacos

List of new food trucks: LA Times put together a good comprehensive list of the major “nouvelle food trucks” roaming our city

California Taco Truck: there’s even a blog dedicated to taco trucks and food truck news:

koji salmon

Looking forward to trying some of the more unusual ones: Like Marked5,  based on my old fave from Tokyo days, Mos Burger. Their Schtick was a chicken teriyaki burger on a bun made of rice! Their motto was something like: “Of course, it always tastes so good!”  Marked5 seems to be an homage to Mos, with dishes like  Katsu Pork on a rice bun, and the Shoosh Salmon Sandwich.  They recently launched and haven’t been great about putting locations on their site or on their twitter in a timely manner so I haven’t been able to track them down yet.

lets be frank

Another truck worth chasing is Lets be Frank in Culver City near Helms Bakery and in Glendale, specializes in gourmet, natural hot dogs. Find them on twitter.

Dosa Truck, with an Indian snack-inspired menu,  sounds good too, although we haven’t caught up with them yet either. Twitter: @dosatruck

Let us know if you have found one of these or another creative food truck worth sharing info about.